It's kinda a headache to use a pull out freezer's drawers... Yeah admit the first thing i was attracted to the pull out drawer thingy because it will be handy to get all your stuff in there... Just pull it out and you can take it out. Unlikely the ordinary one... It can be very hard to get things at the back.

But..... It can be pretty tricky when it comes to storage organizing. Before this i used plastic ziplock from Ikea and I find it pretty messy and i really kills me inside.

So i found the easiest way to store my raw food that i bought is by using flat kind of tipuware... Wehuuuuu....

These containers are life saver... 

This one is suitable for whole fish.. It can be stacked up. 

Convenient way to store way more thing. No more messy plastics 🤭🤭🤭

Can you believe how much i can store here. What more important I can store and organize it way better and easy for me to take out the things i need. 

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