Nothing feels like home

by Alia Farhan, 4:09 AM


I’m back after a long holiday with my little family. Little dis i know, eventho we enjoy vacation…we also miss our home a lot. The moment we opened the door, everybody said fuhhh nothing beats our comfy home…

Bestnya bila da sampai rumah..ada satu macam feeling yang susah nak digambarkan…i love how it feels..not only me…satu family pun rasa rindu dekat rumah…hahahha…

From Tawau, our flight was at 9.40am and touch down KLIA2 at 12.30pm..and at 2.10pm our flight back to Penang..and at 3.00 pm we reach Penang. Tup tap tup tap with all the luggage n tunggu grab…3.40pm sampai rumah….

It was a good vacation for our familia. Yes this is the moment as familia we get to enjoy ourselves by take a good care of each other. It’s the moments of happiness that will be cheerish for the rest of our lives…that we will remember for the entire of our lives❤️

I remember kakak always tell me a very details about each of our vacation in Australia. Sometime i forgot about the details but she remembered everything. She said one day she will further her study/college in Australia and I will help her to pursue her dreams. Well u see, having vacation is not for the sake of having fun but it create a new perspective in life…a new goal and a new dreams. 

I remember back then, my parents used to bring us to Penang during semester break…it was hell out of fun…i easily get excited when i think the semester break is coming because I know we’ll be heading to Penang for sure. I have a dream to buy one of the villas at Tanjung Bungah and I still do( let just hope that one day..who knows if Allah grant our dua’ rite?)

But hey yeahhh..I’m home.. and there is no other place like home🏠 

Alhamdulillah rindu kt rumah sendiri terubat.
Malam tu walaupun penat tak holeh lena pulak..jetlag ke tewww..padahal kat Sabah dah terbiasa tdoq awai..jetlag lahhh sgt kannnn🤭

Ok la see ya again.

Lots of ❤️

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  1. Kannn... salah satu sebab suka bawa anak berjalan ni, suka tengok keterujaan diorang dan diorang boleh cerita balik 1 per 1 .

    1. Kannnn…they can tell us everything in details mcm ada projector tgh main video dkt depan depa

  2. Sungguh aih.. walaupun tidur hotel selesa yang amat.. enjoy percutian ke sana ke sini. Bila bukak pintu rumah rasa puas. Rasa nak rebahkan badan dan guling2 je kat hall tu.

    1. Kannnn …bercuti pun a good reset button utk kita belajar bersyukur sgn nikmat n apa yg kita ada😊