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wishlist katanya....

in , by Alia Farhan, 7:51 AM
lmbatnya baru nak wat 2013 wishlist kn...xbyk pun....sikit2 jer...tolak ngn brg2 baby yg da beli so wislist tinggai skit ja....

1.deep freezer for my EBM(express breast milk)
2. Samsung Note II
3. Katy Perry perfume....PURR
4. Burberry Tote (i want dis!!)
5. more n more white furniture
6. Burberry Brit Sheer...(love all their perfumes!but love dis n Burberry Beat)


1. Scuba diving license
2. Vacation to phuket or krabi or koh samui or perhaps sabah...(oreddy booked tickets to medan dis comin’s medan readers?)
3. i phone 4(ketinggalan zaman kn?i know!)
4. gud health for myself, me amor n me familia!
5. Gettin E n M as he said...

that’s all my wishlists

I mean for now...
Yes now only.......
In jan or may it might b increased from time to time.....

1. savin more money every month in,can go travel whenever i feel to do so
2. work harder n smart...
3. get promoted(erkkk...just start to get dis one?)
4. eat more fruits,veggie n fish
5. less shoppin....(i wish i can throw away dis bad habbit!if not,how come to save d money?..haiyaa)
6. fasting every Monday n Thursday.
7. Perform the solat(no more tinggai2 esp d subuh one)

i hope 2011 will be better than 2010..Amin