Ahhhh...woman n jewellery is like a best friend. Finding the right one is quite hard, yeah same goes when it comes finding this jewellery that suits us. I've been thru "Pandora" sensational season, but now I'd loss interest in their collections. Hahaha. Too many people wearing it; so I'm done. That's it. Hahahaha

But have you heard about Trollbeads? I've been eyeing this brand for quite sometimes. So lemme tell you the story of Trollbeads...

The History

"The story about the original and unique Trollbeads all started in Denmark in 1976. The first bead, which later gave name to the Trollbeads collection, was a small bead decorated with no less than 6 faces. It was designed by Søren Silversmith and sold from his father Svend's jewellery shop in central Copenhagen. The beads were created at a time where it was fashionable to have a silver bead hanging on a leather thong around the neck. But instead of letting the bead hang in an eyelet, Søren wanted to let the leather cord go through the bead. Later on, Søren's sister, Lise, began to put the beads on silver bracelets, one on each bracelet. 

Lise opened another jewellery store and one day a customer asked to have an extra bead put on her bracelet. The storekeeper was surprised but followed the customer's wish. From then on, the adventure and Trollbeads movement started. In cooperation with the customers and according to their wishes, the collection grew. This was the invention and the beginning of an original jewellery concept that today is enjoyed worldwide."

-History of Trollbeads

Isn't it lovely😍😍😍

Here comes the most frequently ask by everybody...Which is better? Trollbeads? Pandora?Or Thomas Sabo?

Frankly speaking it depends on your taste. So let's see what is the difference between these three jewellery.


Trollbeads- 1976
Pandora -1982
Thomas Sabo- 1984


Trollbeads: keeping the originality look, rustic look(that both women and men can wear).
Pandora : Simple, clean cut and modern with emotional value. Yeah u can choose ur charms and beads depending on your mood as well.
Thomas Sabo: Trendy, exclusive and classy feminine.


Trollbeads: I find the price is quite reasonable.
Pandora : Still reasonable ( I normally bought from PS in Aus and I do shopped it during my visit to Perth..the price is cheaper compare to Malaysia..lols)
Thomas Sabo: Damn pricey. ( I can't afford this one!)

Simple but nice!

I wish they're mine!

So in love with the rustic style.


It do really looks nice on man too as the rustic design can suit both.

Trollbeads have been in the market for over than 40 years, with more over 50 countries in the world. Good news, Trollbeads Malaysia is now available at Mid Valley , Sunway Pyramid, Vivacity Megamall, Kuching. I hope they will open one in Penang (pleaseee).  For more information, don't forget to visit www.trollbeads.com or Trollbeads Malaysia Fb.
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  1. when i saw the brand, i was wondering why the troll word is inside it.
    The products are really nice though.

  2. is nice!! i super love the collection.
    and is great wearing on you :)

  3. These charms are really exquisite. I am not an accessories person but am so captivated, I would love to own Trollbeads.

  4. Interesting! Even men can wear it with style

  5. Menarik sangat sebab lelaki pun boleh pakai. Memang stylo habis

  6. I love to wear simple accessories. This looks trendy and fashionable.

  7. these are very exclusive. Too bad that I dont really wear accessories these days perhaps due to age factor..hehe

  8. Sis suka semua design yang ada sbb cantik dan menarik

  9. Such a beautiful and stylish jewelries. I love those bracelets collections.

  10. Women and jewelry are indeed besties! I would be so pleased being adored by my partner. I feel shy about it at first, but then he is happy buying me jewelries. I'll check Trollbeads soon!

  11. Guy wearing it gives a really different vibes to it! The design is so pretty, can't take my eyes away!

  12. Seen this brand and really not bad for the quality and I love the design as well