Kali ni di segmen JJCM di Penang.. Nak cerita skit pasal kami pi makan dekat Lagenda Cafe ni...

Located at Lebuh Campbell, Lagenda Cafe merupakan salah satu cafe tumpuan baik local mahupun foreingers. And... Owner dia adalah sama dengan Irama Dining.

Ni lah cafe  nya. I like d classic looks here. 

At the outside of the cafe

I love the pokok 

Jom kita tengok nak makan apa ya. 

Memang peminat P Ramlee kot. I love how the owners decorate their cafe here n at Irama Dining. Its classical Malaysia culture. 

Our starter. Cheese sticks.. Nyummy.. I like the dipping sauce.. Satu macam cheesy.. Satu lagi ada tangy taste n tengit like hint of balsamic vinegar which i love... Oh yes.. I love both of the dipping sauce. Some might hate the taste of balsamic vinegar. 

Tokua / tauhu sumbat. Not bad. Kauh kacang sedap. Dats the most important thing if u want to have a perfect tokua sumbat. 

Chicken chop.. We are expecting oriental sauce as we asked the girl/waiter either it is oriental sauce or not. And she replied it is.. Unfortunately it was not. Ordered 2 sets of chicken chop for the kids but none of them finish as they dont really like the flavour of the gravy. Maybe sebab ada hint of coconut oil in it. I can taste the "pungent" smell and taste of coconut oil in it. Some people might not like it. But i'm OK with it as my late grandmas used to cook dishes with coconut oil. 

This os what i ordered. As soon as mine arrived, the kids want to have mine😏😏😏
I like this prawn aglio olio. It tastes good. Definitely will comeback for their aglio olio πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

My husband, grill fish with bunga telang rice. The grill fish is good. 

What i like about the nasi set is they com3 with this sets of side dishes (keropok, kerabu mangga, air asam, sambak belacan n etc).. 

I love the ambience. 

Thank u sebab belanja papa. Semoga makin murah rezeki.... 

For those yang nak try makan dekat Lagenda Cafe... U guys can go to

Lagenda Cafe

43 Lebuh Campbell, 
10200 Penang

Lagenda Cafe