beauty swap

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have u heard about beauty swap?
recently i have done one beauty swap with Sabrina....
well i guess dat was a month ago...
to read bout the swap u can see here( for what i send her)and here(for the surprise i got from her)
so now i would like to invite if anyone out there is interested to do beauty swap with me...
and currently i'm in the process of posting my parcel to another blogger...

will review soon...with whom i did my beauty swap...

Pic courtesy from Google...

if anyone interested in this beauty swap project...u can email me at

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  1. Replies
    1. Yup...illy really interesting to know whats waiting for u....hehehe.....seronok tau bila bukak parcel tu

    2. Boleh jer....illy emel me
      or whatsapp ja i num 0133363775