hev u heard?

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hev u heard?
about hyaluronic acid?
the miracle of hyaluronic acid(HA)?

hyaluronic acid is a chemical that naturally occurred in our tissues esp at our joint..skin,eye..bla bla bla...
but as the number of our age is increasing n when we start to need more HA, the amount of HA in our body will be decreased gradually...
the function of HA is to support the joint for lubrication n cushioning, as well as provide youthful n moisture skin...

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Now researchers have found a rich, bioavailable source of hyaluronic acid that can be taken orally and this breakthrough nutrient, plus the protective properties of quercetin, silica, collagen, and chondroitin sulfate are all in the Super H.A. Formula. It also contains horsetail which nourishes the nails, skin, hair, bones and the body's connective tissue; and the fascinating health benefits of antioxidant-rich IP6 and Vitamin C to support the immune system against oxidative stress.
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dats y if we go to drugs shop to look for a moisturizer nowadays..the promoter surely will promote u with dis kind of thing...rich in HA...1gm of Hyaluronic Acid can hold up to 6 litres of water..so if we'r using the Super HA..it doubles up the amount,which meant up to 12 litres...

there lots of japanese product esp the skin rnage product have been using HA in their product such as Hada Labo..skin barrier(if not mistaken,have tried this,and it feels great too) n etc...plus Eucerin also got HA..
my sister hev promoted me to use her Eucerin...n i must say,i love it...eventho my skin is the oily type..but it feels great to hev it on...

the japanese shop called as yokoso @ queensbay olso selling wide range of japanese products which mostly contains HA...me n my sis go mad when we see all the moisturizer is selling @ cheapo price..compared to Eucerin one...but i forgot the brand oredy..wil update soon bout d product...bcoz i think it's great...n i think i shud be sharing bout dis..

p/s:i'm stil using my clinique moisture gel n moisture surge

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