Have you heard about Lush Handmade Cosmetics? I used to obsessed with their products. Back then, all need to preorder from PS from overseas. And my first time to Perth, went to Hay St to Lush.. Just for sake to buy their Honey I Wash The Kids soap, which is their bestseller.

Well i'm homemade soap haruslah i'll go gugu haha... To see their products. 😂😂😂

So last Saturday, went to Gurney Paragon just to bring my kid to have their chocolate fix at Salon Du 🍫 and otw to the cafe... I stumble with this new shop.... Wahhhhh.... LUSH IN PENANG NOW! wehuuuu.. Harus masuk lah kan...

Credit from Google. 

Here's the photos from Lush Handmade Cosmetics, Gurney Paragon Penang. 

Lip care products

Body care... Body butter.. Bla bla

My kids geram with their bath bombs... 

The mermaid bath bombs! 

Bombb again! 

Lupa nak tangkap gambaq yang section soaps dia.. Best dekat sini dia da potong siap kat kita dalam 100g mcm tu... Kalau masa kt Perth dulu nak baru depa potong and timbang berapa harga dia. Macam ni paling rendah 100g/RM45..Rasa macam lebih kurang harga beli dekat Aus jugak la. 

Their hair care products! 

What i bought for myself. 

Taraaa.. Their hair care products... 
Shampoo bar n conditioner bar! 

Nanti kita review naa best ke idok shampoo bar dengan conditioner bar dia tu.... 

Ok la.. Sesiapa yang nak beli Lush products.. Kalau hampa kat Penang boleh la pi ke Gurney Paragon ya.