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by Alia Farhan, 5:28 AM


I've been out of ideas... What to rant here... Whenever i'm trying to come out with new content/post here.... I keep on asking.... Is blogging still relevant to this moving foward social media. Do people stil read blogs?

N if people does read blogs.. N Why d hell PR stil dont want to pay bloggers a good deal n rather paying high to bbnu in IG.. bla bla bla?

I'm not goin to rant about PR in this post...i'd done that in my ig /fb before how some PR had been taking advantage of bloggers for their free marketing n think that we bloggers are free loaders n hope for free stuffs n free meals... Hell no! Dont make me start.... 🙄🙄🙄

It's so kayyyyy... I'm not goin to rant it here... I'm not sure what's my readers like me to write about? Travel story? It sucks... We are stuck at home due to this Covid....i dont think people would love to read that in this situation. Erghhhh.. Buat sakit hati ja kan orang yang menulis ni nak mngingat moment2 best berjalan-jalan ke sana ke sini... 

I don't know... My contents are kinda mess up... I guess that's what lifestyle blogger do right? We share any thing that we love to our readers.... U nak recipe.. I share u here... Normally... Whenever I up my cooking dejat fb... People will normally ask for the recipe... So cepat2 i kena update blog with that recipe and shared with them... So from there i can gain traffic. Acah2 sangat kan.... 

And yes.....i have up and down during blogging... Who doesn't right? But i hope it wont stop me in future.... 

And i hope everybody will be OK during this pandemic... I know it is hard for some us who dealing with job crisis... Business struggles... Health issues n etc... But I hope after the rain.. There will be  rainbow for us. I'm missin my mom so bad... Erghhhh.... Everybody is struggling with their emotions. Keep on fighting! 

Take care ❤️

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  1. nadia pun rindu famili kat alor setar..kulim tak merdeka lagi..huhuhu

  2. Hope Covid cepat reda dan hilang dari bumi.. Semoga ekonomi cepat pulih

  3. Thats my questions too.. why blogger did not get good pays! haha

  4. Rindu kampung juga, rindu mak, rindu abah, rindu semua :(

  5. PR yg tak membaca sebenarnya... plus blog ni wujud lg lama dr bbnu. wat the hell