Korean Vibes

by Alia Farhan, 10:09 AM

 I have a confession to make... I'm addicted to Korean vlogger... I can spend hours watching their vlog at Youtube. From cleaning chores to organizing n into their foods. It mesmerized me most of the time watching people doing their cleaning chores... Organizing their kitchen and even preparing their foods.

Well.. At least at some points... It motivate me to take care of the house eventho most of the time i feel like i had been living in a tongkang pecah😅😅😅

Ramen with kimchi... I admit i have been drolling whenever I watched them eating their ramen with kimchi.. So i made my self a kimchi supplies... Kalau nak tau buat kimchi macam mana.. U can refer HERE

The shimeiji mushroom n the radish white kimchi is so koreannnnnn

This is my fav... I love how korean always put the sesame as their final touch almost every dish they had. 

I have been subscribed to many Korean vloggers such as Hamimommy, Haegrandal, Ondo, Onuk, Silviahome and many more..... Their videos somehow can be relaxing for a stay /work at home mom like me... 

Minggu ni aku nak marathon tgk junki ❤️❤️❤️

Ok la.. Chiao

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  1. kimchi still takleh nak jadi my favorite... padahal byk kali dah makan..
    but soup kimchi dekat Seoul garden, sedappp

  2. Idk but my tongue can't accept kimchi .

    But u are right , I look on Korea cooking show and its make me lebih rain nak masak and mengemas

  3. kimchi best...but ramen ammi tak pernah makan.