Excited betul bila Dapat box of surprise dari Orgga Malaysia ni. Bukak wahhhhhh dis is soooooooo good. Macam tak percaya product dari Malaysia ada yang cun macam ni... The packaging itself very the international gituuuu. Simple but sleek. Nampak sophisticated sangat bagi aku.

Cantik kannnnnn packaging dia... 

As usual la pilihan aku mesti la untuk yang combination oily kannnn. Muka aku Sejenis combination oily. So nak cari yang sesuai tu kadang2 memang susah jugak. Ada yang kadang2 tu terlalu kuat and buat my skin become too dry. 

Jom kita tengok one by one Orgga's products


What so hype about this daily Cleansing powder? 

It can be use as cleanser, mild exfoliation and a mask. It was beautifully crafted with a luxurious blend of organic natural flowers, clay, grains, seed, and fruit that will clean our face once mixed with the water. 


Avena Sativa, Kernel Flour, Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, French Pink Clay, Almond Flour, Brown Rice Flour, Coconut Milk, flax seed meal, rose flower, rozelle flower, lavender flower, rosehip extract, elderberry fruit extract, raspberry fruit extract, orange peel, moringa leaf, goji Berry fruit extract, grape fruit extract, rose geranium oil, palmarosa oil, frankincense oil. 


Remove make up, rinse face, pour the Cleansing powder on your palm and add drops water to make a smooth paste. 

Then gently massage in small circular motions. U can rinse with the cold water. 

To use as a mask, just prepare a make it into a paste and put it to ur face and leave it until it dry and rinse the face once the mask dry on your skin. 

For a better result follow with Orgga Face Mist and Orgga Luxe Beauty Oil 


The rose smells so good. 

Orgga Rose Otto Nourishing Face Mist is crafted with love using pure and natural ingredients such as superfruits and Bulgarian Roses. This ingredients believe to works perfectly to treat all skin conditions. 

Ingredients :

Rose distillate, water, aloevera leaf extract, cranberry fruit extract, blueberry fruit extract, Radish root ferment filtrate, Capryl glucoside, rose oil, rose geranium oil, palmarosa oil. 


After using Orgga Cleansing powder, lightly mist all over the face and neck. And follow with Orgga Luxe Beauty Oil

Skin feels hydrated and supple. 😍😍😍


In love with this beauty oil💕💋

Libra represents a balance order by the Romans and Greeks. Libra Luxe Beauty Oil is crafted with details on each ingredients to promise even skin tone, nourishing, hydrated and delayed the skin aging. It's be gorgeous, by nature! 


Olive oil, argan kernel oil, watermelon seed oil,, jojoba oil, passionflower seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, hazelnut oil, tea seed oil, prickly pear seed oil, sea buckthorn oil, vitamin E natural, sunflower seed oil, rose geranium seed oil, grapefruit pink peel oil, rose oil, cedarwood atlas oil, French lavender oil, carrot seed oil. 


Love with the texture. 

For best results, after using Orgga Facial Mist, gently massage 2-3 drops on damp skin. 

Use daily, alone or in combination with moisturiser. For an extra treat don't forget to use with Orgga Gemstone Face Roller to detoxify and rejuvenate skin. 


Always wanted to buy this Rose Quartz.. But never thought that this Orgga Package comes with this. 😍😍😍

Rose Quartz is a gorgeous rosy pink variety if Quartz stone it is known as the love stone and valued for ist vibration of love, joy, healing, self care and anti inflammatory properties. 

The Egyptians believed that rose quartz comes with incredible anti aging properties with minerals like Iron, sodium, silica, magnesium, sodium and oxygeb to allow the renewal of skin and improved the dull complexion. 

The jade roller also works to tone up facial muscles, increase  circulation, stimulate detoxification by lymphatic drainage and aid absorption of the skin care to our skin. 

My skin feel so good after using this.. Roll over the face after putting the Orgga Libra Luxe Beauty Oil. 

In love with all ORGGA MALAYSIA products.

For those who follow me in my Instagram probably known that my skin got tanned, burnt a lil bit.. N some part is dry due to break out from previous trip to Tawau/Semporna. Now.. My skin improves a lot better. I don't mind having a darker tones... But the most important thing for me.. My skin is healthy. And yes.. I think my skin is one shade darker and its OK as long as my skin is good I don't mind having a healthy gold skin like 😜

Now my skin feels a lot better! 

If you guys wanna give a try to this local Natural&, Organic Skincare products.. Don't forget to visit :



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  1. Pertama kali dengar tentang produk ni. cleanser, mild exfoliation and a mask sekali gus? wahh mudahnya! yang penting produk-produknya pun nampaknya berasaskan bahan semulajadi - lebih suka produk macam ni sebab rasa lebih yakin dan selamat kan.

  2. menarik jugak produk ni. Packaging die pun nampak simple tapi macam mewah je. Ala-ala macam international produk

  3. Wah! Nampak gebu lah kulit wajah awak. Mesti kesan dari produk Ni kan?

  4. Ok muka i combination..so ineed this produk..huhuhu..nak usha la nanti..macam best je..siap ada alat urutan muka tu..

  5. Orgga nama unik dan pelik juga hehehe tapi ok nampak produk yang bagus dan meyakinkan macam ni hurmmm ok lah boleh orang lelaki cuba tak hehehehe sebab dah usia meningkat ni...

  6. Banyak jugak baca review pasal produk ni dan rata-rata kata bagus produk ni tambahan dia organik

  7. Macam best je produk orgga ni. Roller tu yang paling menarik tu.

  8. Sy pernah cuba produk orgga nie. First time jumpa cleanser dlm bentuk serbuk. Best je masa pakai dan wangi bau bunga.

  9. tak pernah dengar nama produk ni best ek, tapi nampakla hasilnya tu lain benar. cuma kena pastikan ramuan yang digunakannya selamat

  10. Macam best ja pncuci muka dia yang 3 in 1 tu.. Boleh jimat banyak tu kan

  11. Hai semua. Berminat untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut mengenai produk ORGGA? I'm your official and trusted beauty squad ready to help! Visit me at @orgga_ella on Instagram or WhatsApp me at 019-5362396 for more info. See you there! #ORGGAskincarethatworks