Happy Birthday Althea!!!

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As much as I getting excited for this month coz obviously it's my birthday month...I also been sharing the same birthday month with Althea..yahuuu..adakah kami share birthdate yang sama??? (3rd July ...wink2)

Heppy Birthday Althea!!! You're now officially TWO!!!

So what's the special all about to celebrate Althea 2nd Birthday? Fyi, Althea is givin away free gift with every purchase if u purchase this month plus with all the crazy sales...siap dapat birthday goodies lagiiii...AND
u entitle to win a trip to Korea wei ..two tickets weiiii..can see the hensom oppa weiiii...hahhahaha...trip to Jeju Island lagi...who want? Me of courseeee...lolsss...boleh feeling2 samsoon dengan hyun bin oppaaa...

Huuu...i want disss!

Shop n win...y not rite?

Dun wan meh??lots of freegift olso...ok what😚😚😚

So here comes d best part!!!
Let me show u d moneyyyy...
Ehhh...what I got from Althea for my birthday present one...kata share birthday khenn

Comel tak???? I liokke their birthday goodies tu...so comels.

Harus interframe sekali...Harus ok! Harusss...

Jom tengok apa lagi yang ada dalam box tuuu...






Rasa macam nak panggg dakkk???
Jeles ke tu..semua ni I punya..Althea bagi sempena birthday I dengan Althea uolls...

This time around decide nak pilih  more to skincare. Yeah of course when it comes to skincare...I believe and put trust with Korean skin care and beauty products. I actually have been using the products that had been sent to me. So soothing and good for my skin!

Look at those freebies...banyak gila kot Althea bagi lepas I pilih-pilih apa barang yang I nak....and the mask supplies are enough for my 1 year mask routine! Yahooo..jimat belanja...

Korang jangan lupa shop kat Althea tau.
Best wei..selain harga murah...promosi birthday ni berlangsung dari 3rd July until 15th August.

Rugi tak grab tau...
Untung2 korang join contest Althea menang dapat gift and manatau dapat pi Korea kaaaa....
So jangan lupa tau...pi shopping kaih kat Althea naa


Dari blogger kertu yang jaga muka sambil pakai mask Althea bagiπŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™

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