Xìn Nìañ Kùai Lè
Gong Xi Fa Chai...
To all chinese out there...

Hari ni bermood CNY so kita nak update blog dengan resipi makanan chinese. Boleh gitewww???

So hari ni nak share resipi ni dapat masa tengok AFC chanel. Agak menarik. This dish is a famous dish in Taiwan.

So basically this recipe use rice wine as one of the main ingredient but i replace it with combucha tea that my mom brew last time. Mine version of course the Halal version one😊

I ate this dish during my confinement period because I found out that most of the ingredients are suitable for a women during confinement period.

So let's take a look the ingredients first:


Ayam kampung (told ya it's healthy dish and suitable for confinement)
1 cup of soy sauce
1 cup of sesame oil
1 cup of combucha tea
1 tsp of white pepper
Lots of ginger
Lots of garlic
Shitake mushroom
Onion to saute
Dried chilies
Thai basils.

So how I do it?

1. First saute some onion and garlics.
2. Then put the chicken and fried it a lil bit.
3. Next put the 3 main ingredients, soy sauce, sesame oil and combucha tea.
4. Then put the rest of the ingredient except the thai basils. 
5. After 30 minutes, your chicken should be ready and dont forget to add on the thai basils.
6. There u go, ur 3 cup chicken is now ready to eat!

So how? Senang kan...
But the taste is so yummy.
Ala ala claypot pun ada. But this one taste a lil bit strong lagi la. 

Hai sedapnya...rasa menyesal pun ada pergi update resipi ni.

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