My simple make up look!

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Actually i'm not dat expert when it comes to make up especially the eyeshadow part...stil learning from youtube...esp from n michellephan....fames kan?sapa tak kenai...huhuhu

Flawless?yeah..try using naturactor...then u know how flawless ur skin can be...

What say u bout my eyes? first attempy to play two different colors like this...but stil love d outcome!

Wanna know what i used?

Naturactor...code 151...sapa nk beli?can order from me too!yayyy

Body shop bronzer

Mac n benefit lipgloss

Miss rose eyeshadows pallet

MAC, Benefit~coralista n high beam as highlighter....

I love d high beam from benefit bcoz it can shade my nose n point it out...n the body shop bronzer is d best because since i'm using skin wil be a bit to cover it...this bronzer works well to glow my skin....
Ok lah....
Hope u guys enjoy dis post!

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