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I tot i was recovered from a quite horrible morning sickness...n i can go to work as usual...but then again Allah has tested me again...now i'm having a pretty bad dizziness...n rsa nk pitam sumtimes....suddenly mata jadi gelap...rsa nk pitam bila tgh duk wat kerja tu...check blood pressure...yeah great...my blood pressure is quite low..dats y i'm always feel dat way...then do some search on the net....i hev to consume more spinach...n they said...the chicken heart n spare parts are good for those who slightly have low blood pressure...but as Muslim, our Prophet has taught us not to consume all d organs as they are actually not good for us...yeah..for example chicken's heart...or cow's heart are actually not good because it is where all the toxins are accumualate from the digestion system...yeah it is true enough...actually before this i dont mind eating them but since i studied the way or our Prophet diet...i became extra careful with my food in take...it's not only for me....but it's also for my baby....n do u know that mutton is actually less in calories than beef and chicken?i think now it's the time for us to study back our Prophet diet and compare it with all the rubbish diet that we had learnt before....
Till then....
See u again


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