Contouring vs strobing???

2:41 AM

Contouring techniques

Strobing techniques

My look using

Contouring techniques:

Strobing techniques:

And this is the difference between contouring and strobing

Left one contouring while the right one is using strobing technique...
Which do u prefer?
Me personally prefer the strobing one bcoz it is quite easier n less work to do..
Plus i like the finishing dewy look....
While contouring is more like matte i will switch in between this two techniques ikut kerajinan n mood....ok x?

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  1. Assalam alia,
    dedua santek
    my try test kat muka iols pulop he3

    1. Heee...boleh ja sha....
      Nnt leh wat class make up utk geng2 #bloggerutara