food review: Bountiful Kitchen

9:43 PM

Venue:Bountiful Kitchen, Jones Road Penang(near Pulau Tikus, otw to Gurney)
Special dish: Mexican Fish...nyum2..

the soup, MYR 5.90

mexican fish:rm15.90

pasta(i forgot d name):MYR15.90

ice lemon tea:MYR5.90

overall...tempat ni mmg best...suka!
sbb rsa mcm best ja...
n i enjoy d food...
satu set ni for only MYR13.90(soup+pasta/mexican fish+ice lemon tea+ice cream-->i forgot to take d pic..soryy)
next time rsa nk try dia pnya salmon plak....
n fyi....en amir ada wat something msa tgh dinner kt sni...
n he nearly made me wanna cry....
he already set d date!

please pray for us!

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