How to Remain Calm During MCO?

by Alia Farhan, 9:19 AM

 As i walked from 2020 entering 2021..i was so excited and this year will bring a more worry less from all this pandemic... But BAMMMMMM... suddenly the numbers of peope infected with Covid 19 now hit the numbers of 4000+

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As we know the government also have take another step to control the infection from spreading bigger and bigger. And here we go another MCO.... It's been a week of MCO 2.0...n i hope that the numbers will show some improvement...

This is so me!!! 🤣 🤣 🤣 

I hope I can remain sane and calm for this entire MCO period (ya.. For sure we didn't know how long it will take this time) 

But let me share you some of my tips to remain sane and calm.... 

Boost your immune system 

It's very important to boost our immune system at this season. A weak body can be an easy spot for the viruses to host in our body. So don't forget to have your vitamin C with you. Mine favourite is Berocca, i normally share a glass of Berocca with my husband. And we also give our kids Vitamin C every day. 

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Eat properly & stay hydrated 

Not only your body needs a good immune system, your body also needs good nutrients in our body. Eat more fruits and vegetables is good for our health. Green and colourful  vegies and fruits are really good for our body. They not only delicious, but also bring benefits to our skin and can reduce any other illness. 

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Organize your life

Plan ahead what you need to do in your day. You can plan your meal and meal prep so that it won't be time consuming for you especially for those work from home mom. Plus the kids already go back to their online learning.... It's quite hectic day if you dont plan your schedule properly. 

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Dissconect  and connect

It's ok if you wish to take a break from your social media. I know social media sometimes can be so judgemental. When Malaysia went for our first MCO last year. I have diactivated my Facebook for weeks as i found myself being suffocated with all the Covid 19 things... I got panick attack and anxiety attack at the same time. I have a sleepless night and Alhamdulillah i got over it. Stay connected with your loves one... Your family is your treasure... Ask them is everything ok.. Is everyone need anything... Or need help? Yes... Ask and connect to your family first... 

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No need to be perfectionist 

In a time like this... I'm not going to be a super perfectionist... I'm not goin to be a bossy mama... I teach my kids how to do some house chores... Even they are just 4 years and 7 years... I even ask the kakak t9 fold the clothes for all of us 😝😝😝.. Yeah her skills may not up to my standard... But it's ok... As long as she done within the my spec.. Then it' still ok... Oh.. You are talking to the retired engineer mama.. Who have spec limit to everything... 😂😂😂

My little helper

I found this is a perfect for a 7 years old girl to fold the clothes. 

It' OK to be NOT OK

As i said before... Staying at home withour going any where is so stressful for a person like me. Yes i can be homebody... But at the same time going out to the mall and lepak at coffee shop with my lil family is still a nice therapy for us. So it's ok sometimes if you find yourself have no mood for cooking and let the Food Panda or Grab Food deliver the food for you... Or when you find yourself so lazy to so your own laundry and decide to send to laundry service.. It's ok... I'm not going to judge you! Because i do that too.. Hahhahha

Ask for help 

Always ask for help if you need to. If you cant handle yourself the housechores. Always share with your spouse. Ask your kids to help you with the simple things like picking up the plates in the tables after eating can less your burdens. Always ask for their help... We are not Wonder Women... So don't push yourself too hard to be a perfect and wonderful mom /wife. They also need to play their part whatttttt.... 

My lil helper.. Not child abuse ya. 🤣🤣🤣

This is what I'm doing.... 
I'm not a perfect mom.. I want my kids and husband to help me with the housechores because we lived in the haus as the team. Housechores are not just one person job. It's involve all the crews /members. 

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Tea plissss ❤️❤️❤️ what important at this stage.. Self care is important... You cant neglect your own body. You need to love yourself first in order to give the best to others 💋💋💋

Last but not least.... 

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Take care everyone... 
We can fight this 💪💪💪

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