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 Tak tau la apa masalah aku lately ni.. Asyik susah ja nak lelap malam2.. Padahal badan dan penat gila ni.. Tapi i just can shut off for a while. Penat lah macam ni😔😔😔

Since i can't sleep... I need to do something useful... Yeah i know its not good to spend my late nite using phone to update the blog... But here i am... Erghhhh

So here we goes.... I just want to upload some of me familia members photos here. My blog literally part of my life... N i would love to keep some wonderful moments here. At least when my girls grown up in future.. They will look at my blog and know how much their mama n papa love them. 

My two mini-on me

Kakak, showing off her playdoh auntie anne

While Aishah on the other hand making some Famos Amos i guess 😂😂😂

Miss having nasi daun pisang with them. Cepatlah hbis PKPB ni

Hate - love relationship with this guy ❤️

Kakak with her braided hair. 

Ecah with her telakung. She looks like a Pakistani 😂😂😂

Kakak asked me to curl her hair... 

Sory hubsie... Nampak tangan ja.. 

The girls collapsed... Mama n papa boleh borak2 without distractions. 🤣🤣🤣

That's all for today.. N now lapaq nak mampus... How on earth aku nak tdoq ni.... 

Psss... Can u guy share apa nak buat eh... Untuk bagi cepat lelap... Penat lah macam ni... Kadang2 tak boleh nak lena... But my body is damn tired... I need my sleep! 

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  1. ada seketoi ni nk lena pun susah.. huh, jangan dok jd insomnia sudah