Sweet Daily Make Up with Althea Make up

by Alia Farhan, 7:43 PM

Anyone suka make up tapi kalau make up hari biasa taknak nampak over nauuuu? Yes i love make up on daily basis but afraid look like a clown for d sake of goin out to fetch my daughter from her school. Hahhahaha

Nak tau apa produk yang aku pakai untuk achieve this effortless make up look?


I'm using these products from Althea... Yes only using their products in this picture to create the look. Serius? No foundation meh? Nopeeee.....

Let me share you the step i'm using after getting my skin moisturize with my daily moisturiser, i put on Althea Skin Relief Gel to some of my acne spot.

This gel is transparent and easily absorb to my skin.

After applying to the problem area, i put on concealers to my face according to colors and area. Under eyes using the brightest shade in Vanilla and cheek area using the 3rd darker shades in Honey. Using beauty blender, I dabbed on the concealer until it cover full of my supermoon face. 

This Althea Creamy Concealers are the bomb! They work like magic to cover my flaws😍

Here comes the best part of all, the eyes part. As I mentioned earlier, to achieve this sweet daily look all you have to do is be moderate. For this I only apply two different shades of eye shadows to my eyelids.

Can you see the yummy texture? Yes all colors in this pallet are my favourite. Did I mentioned I love the earthy colors one? This Althea Eye Pallet Sunrise and Moonrise BCL X Althea is MUST HAVE! Like seriously the colors is da bomb and it's a collaboration between Bunga Citra Lestari X Althea. . And WHY NOT rite? 

The fourth step , after finished on coloring my eyes with the Althea X BCL, it's the time for me to put on something on my cheeks. It's kinda confusing which colors to use as I have 4 differents colors of Althea Watercolor Cream Tint.

This Althea Watercolor Cream Tint comes in four colors that easily to blend into the skin once we applied it to the skin. Just dot2 to your cheeks and blend with your fingers. Easy rite?

Next is my lips, to be honest I'm not into bold color like RED-ish for my lips. I look like a step mother whenever I try to rock all this BOLD colors. Pfftttt. So what I do to tone down the color from Althea Watercolor Cream Tint is by applying  a layer of conceal first at my lips. And after that I applied the tint to my lips and start blending the color so it will look pinkish and sweet.

Last but not least.

The Althea Spotlight Eye Glitter. Yeah I know it supposed to be used at the eyes. But hello who cares if you want to use it somewhere else. Afterall, I'm doing a sweet daily make up. Who would  applying eyes glitter for daily make up 😝. To create the sweet and dolly looks I put the glitter at my cheeks bone, my nose brigde, my forehead and my lips cupid bow. And I love the outcomes of applying the glitter to my face.

And yeah if you want to check out details on how I put this sweet daily make up on, u can check this video yeah. And don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel. I'm still new to this YouTube things. So let follow each other ya😉

So what do u think about Althea new make up products?

If u eager to find more about them be sure to visit their;


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  1. ramainya pengguna mekap Althea , pandai alia mekap ,nampak sweet jer...next time nak cuba jugak sebab dah berkenan dengan dia punya concealer dia dan liptint tu...nice

    p/s sayang tak dapat tengok video tutorial

  2. TB sampai sekarang suka giler makeup yang ada dalam box Althea ni.. sebab semuanya cantik-cantik.. rasa teruja je masa main makeup-makeup hari tu

  3. Super love the eye palette colours! Vibrant but sweet. Senang nak buat look for everyday outing jugak.

  4. ye. warna macam ni sesuai utk mereka yang tak nak makeup tebal sangat. nampak simple dan sweet

  5. Akak hari- hari guna product Althea yang kita dapat sekotak tu untuk mekap akak pergi office..paling suka la setakat ni eye palette dan concealer..warna eyeshadow tu pigmented sangat kan...best betul, nak cuci pun senang je...

  6. Kalau pakai produk Althea ni mmg rambang mata sikit. teksur semua pigmented and soft boleh pakai jari.Nxt time boleh try look pegi majlis have have pun boleh sbb kaler dia bold!

  7. Wah cantiknya makeup ni.Nampak soft dan colour die nice.Nampak neutral. Amboi Kak Alia dah gila produk Korea yer.I think this makeup suit with your face.hehehe

  8. haihhhh rasa macam nak beli jugak rasanya skin relief tu. ramai betul bagi feedback positif pasal produk tu. comel je pulak tu saiznya. senang nak bawak travel. Althea nie selalu keluarkan produk2 yg comel saiznya. cute !

  9. Wah banyaknya makeup.ramai betul guna barang makeup dr althea ni ya. Mesti bagus sangat ni.

  10. Wah akak mekap mekap ni memang best. Tengok akak mekap macam senang je. Saya tak reti sangat nak blend blend tu. Tapi nak kena belajar. MUA sekarang mahal kak uittttt.

  11. Alia! Memang look ni seriusly saya pun suka.. Natural sangat tapi very sweet. Aduuhh. Ni macam nak cuba ni. Kita yang tak suka mekap pun teringin nak try bila tengok alia pakai..

  12. Kulit akk bersih nya.. Senang nak makeup ... Kita mse guna althea makeup ni memang teruja sgt tau... Xsangka althea keluarkan versi makeup skrg

  13. Bestkan semua produk makeup Althea ni, gila tak best! Onie pun ada review gak pasal produk ni, best!

  14. Meke up daily simple yet still look sweet. Suka tgk org terror make up. Macam2 rupa make up boleh dibuat. Best betul make up althea

  15. Althea Makeup Box kali ni memang awesome sangat kan Alia :)

  16. Althea make up products are really top notch and affordable to say the least. The make up tutorial that you have shown will be suitable for those who want to feel and look natural without overdoing it.

  17. I'm loving it! My latest favourite is the eyeshadow palette... For those who haven't got on the ride of Althea beauty addiction... I highly recommend that you do so

  18. Yeah! Mouse mommy pun suka Althea Exclusive Makeup set ni! Terutamanya Althea Creamy Concealer tu, smooth finishing and good in coverage! Wajib try ni tau!

  19. Mmg bagus2 la produk althea nie.. Sangat berkualiti dgn harga yg berpatutan .. AM suka gincu althea.. Color sangat menarik.. Sesuai utk yg berkulit gelap cam AM