wishlists n resolutions for 2011

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1. Scuba diving license
2. Vacation to phuket or krabi or koh samui or perhaps sabah...(oreddy booked tickets to medan dis comin may..how’s medan readers?)
3. i phone 4(ketinggalan zaman kn?i know!)
4. gud health for myself, me amor n me familia!
5. Gettin E n M as he said...

that’s all my wishlists

I mean for now...
Yes now only.......
In jan or may it might b increased from time to time.....

1. savin more money every month in ASB...so,can go travel whenever i feel to do so
2. work harder n smart...
3. get promoted(erkkk...just start workin..how to get dis one?)
4. eat more fruits,veggie n fish
5. less shoppin....(i wish i can throw away dis bad habbit!if not,how come to save d money?..haiyaa)
6. fasting every Monday n Thursday.
7. Perform the solat(no more tinggai2 esp d subuh one)

i hope 2011 will be better than 2010..Amin

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