It's been a while I didn't update about my recent balcony garden. Yeahh after my recent trip to Perth for 10days some of plants died and some of them survived. Huuuu so sad to come home and watched some of them dried and died. Huuuu...

Yes...i grieved ok. I always have feeling for plants especially those I plant one. Ingat bela kucing je ke sedih bila kucing mati? Huhuhu.

My laksa leaves / kesum ready to repot again. 

I took a break from gardening because Ramadan just happen around the corner when I went back from Perth. I just maintain the exist and survived one ja. At that time, no mood to plant a new one pun. I cleared all the dried and died plants and empty the pots. Oh my banyak jugak yang mati kejung ok!!! I need a break! Still sedih ok.

But hey, after browsing around the FB group for urban garden, terus semangat. I start back my gardening habit. I start repot and propogate some of my sweet basils to a new pots. Then I have 2 papaya plants that accidentally grown when my mom compossed some papaya to the pots. That one I removed them to my house corridor..nak buang sayang. So i let them be there. Sikit lagi nak sama tinggi dengan Aishah. Lol.

There are few things you need to consider before start planting anything:
1. Are you more into edible or just for landscaping? For me, i prefer both. So i got both. Edible ada for landscaping my balcony pun ada.
2. Lighting. You must now your place got covered with full lighting/semi shades or what.
3. Type of plants. Dis one also need to consider the lighting factor.

This chilies survived during my absent . 👏👏👏

Well as for my balcony, i got full lighting almost the time accept winter! Kahkah berangan ko nak winter sangat kan..coiii. i mean if the raining season n cloudy then the light much more dimmer like one in Perth. Sekarang pun cuaca acah2 autumn dekat Perth kan.. hahahahha.. accept the temperature won't go down further than 23C I think. Hahaha

Let just cuci mata and see all my pokoks ok.

My sweet basils also survived. Wehuuuu

This one..bought it from market. It's culantro, cousin to cilantro. Smells and taste the sama as cilantro. Both my fav. I like both.

Thai basils. Also my favourite one. Masak pakai ni memang sedap!

Shall update more about my balcony garden soon. Till now...buhhh -byeee