Heppy 2018

in , by Alia Farhan, 8:57 AM

It's already 3rd of January...
N here I am wishin u guys heppy 2018!
Jangan caruts mak nok!

Truth is......
I wish in 2018 i have at least 30hrs per day...LOL.
I wish I have maid so that she can take care 9f my baby n toddler while I do all the blogging things and my business...yada yada...
Bluerghhhh...truth is I'm still a plain Jane wishing that I'm supermom to my kids while I'm not

So I'm simply hope that this year will be better than last year. Yes, I have making a big move by moving my ass off from this group of people whom to be so toxic. They try to bring me down, but never mind they dont know i'm not just a pokok getah where they can simply chop and bring me down...hellooooo...I'm a Timber ok! So jangan mimpi sangat nak down kan aku. Lagi-lagi in this blogging world...pfffttt.

What matter in this new chapter/year, I hope I can be a better me. Have to start picking who should be friend, who shouldnt be one. Yeah...for me having a quality one is much more better than having quantity of bullshits around me. I dont mind people say I takda kawan or what. Perhaps I have my own family, siblings and quality of friends that will gimme an advice when I need it. Dari ramai "kawan" but at the end buat dosa sebab asyik menyindir orang ja. Perasan diri tu bagus...yada yada.

And as usual malas nak azam nak kurus tiap2 tahun kan. Pulun la bagi Aishah habis menyusu dulu. Nanti later on will slowly start again. Give up bila start diet susu drop!

And for this year jugak aku organize trip dengan bff aku. Memang tak sabar sangat-sangat. All of them roomates aku masa kt UniKL dulu. Alhamdulillah dah lama planning nak gathering kan. Sekali buat keja gila booking flight ramai-ramai hari tu. The "Bikoi Sisterhood" trip katanya. Hopefully jugak akan menyusul trip-trip lain lepas tu. 

My quotes for myself " always a traveller" 

***malas nak listkan segala wishlist 2018 kat sini...biar la bagitau yang simple2 ja kat sini kennn