As we know.. The numbers of people been infected eith Covid 19 rise day by day. A dearly sister of mine, Ain (adik roomate aku masa dekat UniKL-MICET) dulu was tested positive. She is now quarantine at MAEPS, Selangor.

She's been sharing her quarantine at MAEPS for reference to others. So i asked her if she could help me to list down what you should bring to the quarantine centre so that i can share with ny blog readers what essential items to bring. With her help to do the list... I hope it will help those who need to go quarantine at the quarantine centre

So here is the top essential items you should bring :

Other things yang Ain pesan, bawak :

*Your own blanket 

*extra socks & sweaters (in her case, women ward at MAEPS is very cold) 

*vitamin & supplements

*plastic cutlery(no besi allowed.. Not sure why)

* bring your own food container and mug in case you want to store any leftovers etc.

I hope this will help... And i hope those reading this.. Please pray that my dear sis will recover from Covid 19 immediately. And let pray Allah will vanish this Covid 19 sooner... Aminnnn

Take care every body ❤️💋

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  1. Mintak dijauhkan la kita semua kena kuarantin kat pusat2 kuarantin ni kan...mintak dijauhkan juga dari terkena virus ni...terima kasih diatas perkongsian..