I have been obsessed with plants like so many years ago. My late dad used to love gardening, so do my mom and my sis. My sister have her own big edible garden in Tawau and Jitra back then when she was not yet posting in Sabah.

I used to be suck with plants. They said tangan panas... Or not a green fingers as so many plants will eventually die if they stay with me. Hahahah. Those were the days when i'm so suck at it! 😂

But hell yeah.. After resigning from work few years ago... Gardening has became a therapeutics activity for me. I'll grow herbs that I frequently used in my cookings such as basils; thai basils, sweet basils, rosemary, kesum/vietnamese coriander, bush beans and some flowers to add some colors to it.

Moving to a new house, i was actually sad because the size of our new balcony is just half of our old balcony. I was so stressed out because it will never fit all my plants that i bring from my old house. I gave some of the plants to a new plant parents.

But Alhamdulillah i managed to overcome the problem and fit as many plants as I can. 

At first, i admit i was pretty angry to see those bars in horizontal. Why on earth the architect make this kind of design? Well... Obviously this is dangerous. The kids obviously can climb it like a stairs... Dangerous wei! 

But as the time pass... I was actually became to like is because I can hang all my plants at the bars... But yeah.. 

Can hang pretty much stuff there... Hahahahha... Just before the revamp... Quite messy

Before the lil make over begin.. 
Need to clean the mess.... 

Using the wood floor decking. I installed it all by myself la.. Tak susah pun... 

Final look... 
Pretty love the outcome... 

The plant hooks are from Shopee... 

Wood floor decking also from Shopee

Rack letak pokok dekat tepi2 tu guna rack ikea ja... Lerberg nama dia.... 

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  1. suka tengok alia tanam pokok..rajin..kak el mmg tak rajin..sbb semua yg kak el tanam semua mati haha

    1. Hee... Ni la nak layan bosan2 denat rumah kak el... 😂😂😂

  2. tenang aje bila lihat hijau2 ni. mama pun suka pokok juga tapi bila busy abis semua tak terjaga huhu

    1. Heheheh.. Ni pun kadang-kadang kalau malas.. Kesian jugak pokok2 tu🤭🤭🤭