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by Alia Farhan, 8:38 AM


Recently.. I have been sharing that i have changed my diet.. What I eat... And which diet I enjoy the most..

I'm actually not really strict with my diet regime... I actually prefer #sukusukuseparuh / quaterquaterhalf.. Intermittent fasting or fasting during Monday and Thursday and calories deficit.

Being a typical Malay.. Of course I love nasi to the max. I'd share previously I have change my rice grain from Thai Rice to Parboiled Basmathi which is low in sugar. You can read here the reason why I choose Parboiled Basmathi. 

Prawn n chicken marinate with chilies flakes, brown sugar and cilantro. 

I eat this for my sahur. 

Pretty simple right to prepare it.. After marinate it overnite... Just grill it at non stick pan. 

This one cauliflower fried rice... Use one cup cooked parboiled basmathi and one cup of minced cauliflower. So basically u won't notice that you eat cauliflower in the fried rice. It taste exactly like rice. 

This is the day laziness hit me. Just cook fried egg and achovies. Other just ready made acar ikan kering, sambal berlado and ulam fresh pick from my balcony garden.

So far i have lost 13kgs from my diet. It is not an easy journey. No crash diet... No strict diet....basically my diet can be calories deficit from calories that needed by my body. It's a long way to go. Gemuk pun makan masa bertahun-tahun..surely nak kurus pun ambil masa kan.. So let this journey be an enjoyable journey to go through. 


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  1. Intermittent fasting is the only things im doing... and it helped me a lot

  2. nampak healthy sgt.. all the best menuju ke berat badan idaman