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by Alia Farhan, 7:23 PM

Hi peeps....

How are you doin? I hope all is well especially in this pandemic season. Please stay safe wherever you are. Don't go out if you don't have important things to do. Stay home. Or if you need to go outside... Please wear your mask and practise social distancing.

I know life can be pretty hard on us especially when you no longer can go outside to the mall like we used to do. Yes sometimes i miss going to the mall just to window shop. But you know whenever I was at the mall I get irritated to go window shop from one store to another store because everytime also need to scan before entering the store/shop. It kinda exhausting need to scan before entering the store. But well you have no choice. Need to.. It's very important to trace the people if any of the visitors had been affected by Covid 19.

All this become a major drawback for me to be in the mall this days. I rather sit on my couch and hit my phone and browsing along online shopping platform. Hell yeah... I do enjoy browsing it.. From buying groceries to cloth... Mostly i do buy online. It is easier and less hustle. All you know.. You get your parcel from the Santa-post boy. 😉😉😉

It was last week I discovered this one online shopping. Feelingirldress is a new thing for me to discover. They not only sell dress for the girl like us... But also they have quite a big range if clothes you can choose. From dress to sweatwear to lingerie to shapewear to swimwear to plusize clothing. And for me of course I will sure to go to plusize clothing range. 

Here are my top 3 products from this online shopping website. 

1. Body Shaper 

And guess what... They have up til 6xl...woahhhh..definitely a heaven for plusize babes❤️❤️❤️

2. Sweatsuits

Yoga in the house? Tabata in the house? You still need to wear a comfortable  sweatsuits. You can get wholesales sweatsuits here ya. 😉

3. Plusize clothing

Melting seeing this plusize top❤️❤️❤️

Looking foward to buy this one. 
And isntead of their beautiful plusize blouses... You also can get their cheap shapewear for plus size woman

The buying and payment for this online shop FeelingGirl is quite simple and straight foward. You just need to add on the items you want to buy, fill in your details for shipping and pay. If you still not clear with what i'm talking about. Let me share with you clearly the steps one by one. 

Step 1 : Register an account for yourself. 

Fill in your details to register an account. 

Step 2: Browse and choose what you like /to buy. 

Step 3: Add to you cart by choosing the right size. 

Step 4 : Go to your cart and fill in details for shipping and save your details there. 

Fill all of it and click SAVE & CONTINUE 

 Step 5 : Pay your item 

As for payment, the FeelingGirl provide two methods of payment which are Paypal or Bank Transfer. For those doesn't have Paypal account like me, you can use your bank account to transfer the money as the method of payment. 

It's pretty easy and straightforward right? 

Girls, don't forget to check out their website ya.

Website : 

Facebook : 

Instagram :


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