My forever sweetheart

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This will be quite emotional post. So here I am, mencoretkan untuk anak mama, Si Adriana Arissa.

Well, as we know mesti orang cakap dah ada anak baru mesti perhatian dekat anak pertama akan kurang. Kira less kasih sayang la kanπŸ˜… . Yes aku rasa memang betul pun. Kadang-kadang I've been neglecting her emotion who needs my love and attention. Sorry kakak sayang. Mama feel so bad about thisπŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”.

Sumpah tak senang pun nak divide korang punya attention for two kids. Yang sorang memang dah tentu nak kena kelebet sebab stil baby lagi kan. But kadang-kadang terlepas pandang aku stil ada sorang lagi anak yang need my attention too.πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“. Yes I wonder how people with 5 or 6 kids can manage to handle their kids emotions. Aku yang dua pun kadang-kadang emo tak dapat nak bahagi attention secara adil. Yes most of the time if my hubs is around, he's the one will handle Adriana. Thanks to my hubs yang selalu tolong bini dia ni.

Now I know and understand why the first born holds special place in their parents heart as much as I do. Kakak, don't worry mama still love you the whole universe cause to the moon and back still cannot describe how much mama love you kakak😘 . Kakak la yang pertama duduk dalam womb mama and buat womb service nak makan TGIF Tenesse Steak pukul 9 malam and jenuh papa pederaih bawak mama pi Queensbay makan steak tau.πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

I still remember the moment I checked my UPT and I cant see any double line, it was frustrated moment (oh common baru 2 bulan kahwin, checK UPT x postive da frust...ngada sangat kan) ...I go to your papa n said takda rezeki lagi. But later your papa comes to me and bring the UPT test strip and show mama a blur double line popped out. Mama time tu sebak gila kakak oiii sebab mama confirmed pregnant to you kakak. That moment mama still tak bagitau sapa-sapa lagi.

The only person yang tau masa tu Sifu make up mama, Yana (Kak Love yang tengah meletop sekarang ni) sebab mama tanya dia kalau double line blur2 tu pregnant ke tak ehh...noob sangat question kan...mak ngah Adriana pun xtau lagi that moment.

Kakak, you bring so much joy to me and your papa. There's no way my love for you become lesser when you have new sister. Indeed it grow stronger. The only problem is sorry kalau mama marah-marah kakak bila kakak bising masa adik lena. Sory juga klau mama terpaksa lebihkan attention mama kat Aishah. Mesti dalam hati kakak sikit2 Aishah..sikit Aishah..sory kakak 😌😌😌

You're the best gift Allah ever send to mama, Adriana Arissa.

Mama sayang kakak sampai bila-bila. 



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