It's been a tiring day. Pffttt eating non stop...well come on..we're talking bout a festive season kot. Name me, rendang? Nasi tomato? Sup gear box??? Arghh all dat fatty fatty boom boom. Mati la.

Macam tu la kalau dah nama pun makanan Malaysia kan.

It's about time I need to log in a few journal of my eating habits here! I mean the clean oneπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Finger cross I'm serious this time around. I want to be healthy for my family, for my husband and my kids😊

I think I need to control a bit my appetite n need to watch out my calories intake.  I'd been using excuses like..hellooo lapaq kot...Aishah sedut susu I tak berhentim truth is memang cepat lapaq pun bila bf ni.

Tomorrow nak kena start eat clean dat suits bf mom like me. I have already calculated how much my daily calories intake for me ( mine would be different cause I need to add at least 300-500calories as I'm still actively breastfeeding Aishah)....pfffttt...
Need to buy all the healthy veggies, fruits,nuts and  green tea to speed up my metabolism.

Last time I've been following Kevin Zahri method, Nasi tak bersalah..yang bersalah tu hang yang makan nasik macam buat bendang sapa suruhπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Last time with the method of segenggam nasi and control my calories intake I managed to shed 5kgs. But after that, i gone cheat day like forever! Lepas tu start la mem-badak-kan diri balik! Lols.

But this time around! I need to stay focus to shed this fat that I've carrying around for years!

So, as starter and as refrences. I need to jot here a lil bit so that I can sedaq diri and back on track kalau da sesat jalan.😁😁😁

What I need to do to control my appetite yang macam naga ni.

Hand guide to control my portion intake.

Food protion in your plate.

Illusion can cheat you.

Yes yang ni paling betul. Aku pernah ja makan guna plate kecil Corelle tu. Suprisingly, I found out that eating in small plate boleh ja aku rasa kenyang! So lepas ni Alia, ko makan la pakai pinggan kecik tu ya!

Kena cari menu eat clean yang best-best ni lepas ni. 

Ok lah, I lena dulu naaa.

Akhir kata, nasik tak bersalah. Yang salah tu hang Alia!

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