Last week tetiba jeng-jeng dapat parcel from PSK. Seronok bila parcel yang ditunggu-tunggu sampai. 

Size dia yang kecik n compact ni senang kalau nak bawak p travel. Satu bekas ni cuma 30ml saja. 

Siap dapat small spatula lagi untuk pastikan hygiene moisturiser cream ni. Part paling suka, texture moisturiser ni yang seperti gel. Paham-paham la, i don't really like "creamy" texture moisturiser. I have a combination skin oily which this moisturiser is very helpful hence the texture is in gel form. 

After 5 minutes applying to my skin, especially to the dry part (V zone) and the oily part (T zone). I can feel that my skin become supple n moist. 

Added point to this moisturiser cream, I also use it as my make up base. Before applying my primer, I'll go with this moisturiser. I must say that my make up last quite long. As usual, in order to have a smooth and long last make up on your face,  you need to prep your face with a good skin moisturiser.

My rate to this product:

  • My skin feel so soft, supple n moist after the application.
  • The V zone that normally dehydrate, now become so moist.
  • A good make up base.
  • Also apply it as my night moisturiser as normally I'll go to bed with air conditioning run at 22C.
  • Can both be wear by oily/dry skin.
  • Good hygiene practise (comes with small spatula)
  • Maybe quite pricey for RM130/30ml for some people. But for me, it's quite OK with the quality itself.

Where can you get the product?

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