hai korang,

watpa tu?sehat ka? kali ni mak jem nak cerita sikit pasal Jumpstreet Trampoline Park Penang, kalau korang nak tau kat sini dia punya park adalah indoor tau. Betul-betul terletak dalam D'Piazza Mall. So takdak la alasan panas kedaung ka apa ka. tapi still peluh la keti tu. Apapun untuk kesejahteraan kawan-kawan yang sama-sama melompat sila lah hampa pakai deodorant dulu kat keti hampa tau....ehhh termelalut pulak dah.

haaa ni dia la Jumpstreet Trampoline Park Penang tu.

Kalau dari luaq D'Piazza ni actually hampa dah boleh nampak da entrance dia. Nak parking kat area sini pun senang. Tapi jangan la duk p parking bersepah-sepah pulak kat tepi jalan-jalan tu. Don't worry dalam ni ada gak carpark kat Basement. Kami parking kat situ ja, baru kena RM2. ok la tu kennn.

Amcam? nampak best kan? tu baru nampak, tak main lagi. Main lompat-lompat dalam ni lagi best oii.

Family Blogger Utara.

Untuk pengetahuan korang, ni sedikit sebanyak info tentang Jumpstreet Tramopline Park Penang.

JumpStreet Trampoline Parks are an amazing urban playground for adults and children alike, with hundreds of interconnected trampolines from the floor right up the walls and multiple jumping attractions at every venue - It doesn’t matter if you’ve never jumped on a trampoline before – you’ve got to try Asia Largest Trampoline Parks and experience the thrill of Defying Gravity. Come with your friends and/or your family and enjoy the thrill of flight at Malaysia’s ONLY indoor trampoline parks.


Jump Street Birthday Parties are unforgettable!


You can play all you like, but at some stage you’ve got to get serious.


JumpClub is Jump Street’s exciting Member program.

Venue :
70, D'Piazza, D'piazza Mall, Jalan Mahsuri, Bayan Baru, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.

Entry Fee :

Total Price (Monday to Wednesday): RM 22/Pax (Incl 6% GST)
(1 Hour Jumping + Reusable Socks )

Total Price (Thursday to Sunday): RM 27/Pax (Incl 6% GST)
(1 Hour Jumping + Reusable Socks)

You can try out just about all the 9 attractions listed below with guidance from JumpStreet Instructors:
► 2 Dodgeball Courts
► Slam Dunk
► Main Court
► The Wall
► High Performance
► Tower Jump
► Foam Pit
► Battle Beam (Restricted to Kids Only)

Jump Street has hosted numerous small to large sized corporate groups and our Jump Referees are very experienced in handling large numbers of people. Each group will be assigned a Jump Referee to serve as your host, where he/she will be with you from the moment you arrive, during the checkin process, lead the warm-up and stretching and conduct the Basic Trampoline Skills lesson.

S/he will lead other Jump Referees to brief your team members on the rules of each activity, to keep score, and most importantly, they will ensure that each jumper jumps within their capabilities and are safe at all times. Please find below a sample of the jumping activities that a group would generally participate in.

Ice Breaker @ Main Court
After the Check-in Process, our Jump Referees will conduct a Safety briefing and lead your group through some stretching and demonstrate 5 basic trampoline skills:

· Straddle Jump
· Tuck Jump
· Pike Jump
· Knee Drop
· Seat Drop

Trampoline Dodgeball @ Dodge Ball Courts
Dodgeball Teams will play a competitive game on both courts using the Round Robin Format.
· Teams will earn points depending on how many players are left on the Court, based on 10 points per player (Eg.: 3 players left standing = 30 points).
· Time limit given per game is 3 minutes.

NBA Sharp Shooter @ Slam Dunk Lane
· Each team gets to play this game together.
· The object of the game is to score as many hoops as possible within a time limit of 2 minutes.
· For a team of 10 people, we recommend the breakdown of jumpers as follows:
· 10’ hoop = 3 jumpers, 9’ hoop = 3 jumpers, 7’ hoop = 4 jumpers.
· Points will be given based on the following:
· 10 Hoop = 30 points, 9’ Hoop = 20 points, 7’ Hoop = 10 point

Foam Pit Relay @ Foam Pit
2 teams will jump at the same time.
· A large black padding will be placed 5 feet from the trampoline.
· Each jumper needs to jump into the foam pit, touch the Dodge Ball, crawl out of the foam pit and tag the next person.
· The process is repeated until all team members complete the challenge and are Saved.
· Points are given for each Saved Player in the team, based on 10 points per player.  Time limit given is 4 minutes per team.

Jumping Safety .
Let’s get one thing clear: Jump Street is serious about your safety. 
Jumping on trampolines is a high intensity sport and it may result in injury. If you act recklessly and endanger yourself or other jumpers we will ask you to leave. We want you to have the best time of your life, but we won’t sacrifice safety for anything.

Every jumper at Jump Street will have to sign our Waiver and Release of Liability and Terms and Conditions before they can jump (which you’ll do when making your online booking). In this page we just call that document “the waiver” to make it easier. But once that’s done, the fun starts. Check out our rules below (which may change from time to time).

Jumping on a trampoline is an inherently dangerous activity and can be categorised as an action or extreme sport. Patrons of Jump Street Malaysia, by participation, accept these risks of which the ordinary prudent person is or should be aware.

Each jumper (or their parent /legal guardian for jumpers under the age of 18) entering the trampoline jumping areas is required to sign the waiver prior to commencing their jumping activity. By signing the waiver the patrons acknowledge that they have read and understood the risks associated with this activity and agree to behave in accordance with our rules.

Here at Jump Street we have developed a set of safety rules designed to minimise the chance of injury while jumping, bouncing and having fun on our trampolines. It is important to understand that potential for injury remains even when jumping safely. The risk of injury can be greatly reduced by following the four golden principles:


GENERAL JUMPING RULES – apply across all areas of the trampoline park

DO NOT JUMP if you have health limitations or injuries, are pregnant or are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
ALWAYS empty your pockets and remove all objects from your mouth.
NO sharp objects or protruding objects on clothing allowed on courts.
NO cameras, phones or any other hand-held devices allowed on courts.
All jumpers MUST wear Jump Street grip socks and a correct wristband.

NEVER attempt to land on head or neck
ALWAYS remain in control
ALWAYS watch out for other jumpers and give smaller jumpers right-of-way
ALWAYS follow the Jump Referees’ directions
DO NOT attempt any activity beyond your skill level
DO NOT jump or land on padding
DO NOT affect another jumper’s bounce in any way
DO NOT sit or rest on trampolines
NO rough play, pushing or running
NO climbing or hanging on nets
NO food or drink on trampolines
DO NOT JUMP IF a Jump Referee is not present
Performing flips and tricks can result in serious injury – perform flips and tricks at your own risk.


NEVER dive head first into the pit.
ALWAYS be in control and safely land on your feet, back or bottom.
ALWAYS wait until previous jumper is out of the pit.
DO NOT throw the foam cubes or linger in the pit.
Performing flips and tricks can result in serious injury – perform flips and tricks at your own risk.


Trampolines in the High Performance area have stronger bounce. For safety reasons jumpers under 110cm in height are not allowed into this area.

Performing flips and tricks can result in a serious injury – perform flips and tricks at your own risk and never attempt activities outside your skill level.


NEVER attempt to land on your head or neck.
ALWAYS be in control and safely land on your feet, back or bottom.
ALWAYS wait until the previous jumper has exited the bag.
ALWAYS exit the bag to the side.
DO NOT exit the bag back towards the platform.
ABSOLUTELY NO tampering with the air bag.


Kat sini hampa akan buat pembelian untuk masuk ke sini. Jangan lupa beli socks khas depa tau. Tak beli tu jangan harap la dapat main and sila lah simpan kalau nak p main lagi len kali naa.

ni la rupa socks tu tau. Tak sama macam socks besa tu naaa.

Anak dara kami baru baik demam nak main lompat-lompat jugak.

Tu tengok jr bloggers tu duk siap sedia nak review. Seronok bila tengok anak-anak kami semua pakat enjoy duk main lompat-lompat tang situ. Toing toing toing sorang-sorang depa. tak tau penat pulak tu. Mak-mak depa yang semput tau dak.

Melompat sambil pegang mek ni, sebab awai-awai tu dia macam takut-takut skit. Kat rumah atas katil kemain lagi melompat kan....hehhhh

Budak comel ni suka sangat tengok dia melompat-lompat. Siap takmau balik lagi tu. Comel sangat anak Zai ni.
Berebut-rebut dua orang budak comel ni nak minum ayaq Kak Nina depa. Comelkan Si Uwais, anak Puan Kiera ni friendly pulak tu.

Group selfie. Ni yang paling penting. Kami-kami da surrender sat dah nak melompat. Tapi seriously memang best la.

Overall, trampoline park MEMANG BEST AND BERBALOI la kan. Lagi-lagi cuti weekend and school holidays pulak kan, memang best sangat la layan kat sini. Dari asyik beriadah kat shopping mall ja. Busuk-busuk mesti terbeli apa-apa kan. Baik mai main lompat-lompat kat sini. Lompat la puas-puas ok. Balik tu kompom kroh krohhhh dengan berjayanya.

Apapun ribuan terima kasih kepada pihak Jumpstreet Trampoline Park Penang kerana menjemput kami Sabtu yang lepas. Kami geng-geng Blogger Utara memang enjoy sangat-sangat. Malam tu siap dapat pakej tidoq yang lena lagi tauuuu dakkk.

Hampa-hampa yang duk Penang tu jangan la lupa bawak anak-anak hampa beriadah kat sini. Seronok tau dak.

Ok lah, kami pun plan nak p lagi bila-bila free nanti.

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  1. Mak Jem lompat kejap je...pokcik sampai semput lompat

    1. Nama pun mok jem kan....satg lompat lebih2 ada yg memerhati....

  2. lompat2 sampai boleh slim lah sikit.. hahaha

    1. Tu la...aim thn depam..nk slim bg segak mcm kajol..hakhaktuih

    2. sekali lompat, turun 2 kilo. tapi lepas tu pi rockstarz tambah balik 5 kilo.. hehehe

    3. Sedap nohhh depa p mkn burger pastu...
      Mak jem gak kempunan

    4. Assalam alia,
      pasni kita team Projek Blogger Utara jadikan port utk lepaks & makan naaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. bila ms alia mai x tau..tgk2 dah melompat haha
    tp papepun happening uols

  4. Adriana mula2 tu dia agak takut.. mungkin tak yakin dengan trampoline tu.. tapi, lepaih tu.. relax ja.. siap angkut ball pi kat papa... haha.. omey angat ~

    1. Tu la...awai2 dia takut2...
      Tpi tu kira dia ok la tu..mau gak kt zaf nina apa...selalu dia takmau sgt kt org

  5. Ala.. bestnya main lompat-lompat..
    Agak-agak leh kurus x? hehehe..

  6. lompat tak ingat apa.. balik rumah adeh sana adeh sini =P

  7. Assalam alia,
    mama eh yg lebih lompat dari adriana keeeeennnnnnn :P