new semester....

by Alia Farhan, 1:46 AM
new sem has only ja semlm got reaction class wif miss kelly..mcm menarek..i liokke her straight after her class yesterday, trus p lab chemistry to cont my chitosan stil in progress and 2day at 10.45am p lab chemistry to continue again...mula2 wat rs xcited sgt la kan...then bila da asik msuk lab...wat keja alone...jd bohsan nk mam rsa nya...adoyaiii....hopefully by tomorrow can finish it n can proceed wif the nx stage which is 2 produce a thin film of chitosan that can heal d wounds n also can reduce the scar la...hopefully menjadi la kan...aiyooo...but after dat msuk testing stage plak which i hev 2 test the tensile strength n the surface many phase kan?huhhhh....hopefully all the thin film wil be finished within dis nx month just proceed wif the,surface morphology 2 test kt USM which is a big YESSSSS to me....bleh la jmpa mR A terchenta...hehehe...apa pepatah melayu kata, menyelam sambil minum air?haha...n tomorrow got petrol chemical class wif en syed....hopefully can score wif dis two subject n also the fyp...penat kot wat fyp terchenta ni....mR Law, i nk A bleh?heheh
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