Resipi Bubur Nasi Berlauk Mudah

Just to share this awesome meals that anyone can cook.

Basically for the porridge /bubur Nasi /moi part I just cook using my Philip Pressure Cooker. It's a lot easier n faster. Hahhahah

And for the lauk parts.. U can cook basically anything u love. I basically cook what I got in my freezer. There are beef, mushrooms, dried anchovies. So here we go....

Masak ja ikut Dan. 

This beef is the killer. 
I cooked this beef with chillies n dried prawn that I bought from Thailand and with Thai basil. Kaboommm doneeee.. 

Mushroom with teriyaki sauce. 
Heat some oil.. Sautéed the mushroom and put some teriyaki sauce. Done... 

This is chopped garlic with oil. For this.. I chopped like the whole labu of garlic. Heat the oil n then put all this garlic. Goreng sampai nampak garing. The Chinese love this with their soup-y things. 

Fried potatoes. Nothing fancy about it. But it add more texture to ur moi berlauk. 

Last but not least.. Dried anchovies with onion n dried chilies.. Fried and put some sweet spy sauce and it's done. 

Kalau suka lagi banyak. Buat la lagi banyak lauk. Aku dah malas so basically this is my rajiness level la. Kalau ikut malas. I will only do the the ikan bilis kicap one. Hahahha

To eat.. Scooped out the moi / bubur Nasi.. Then sebab aku nak letak telur ni kan.. So aku pecahkan telur and masuk kan dalam microwave and set for 1 minute. After that sila lah masuk kan semua yang hampa suka Seperti di dalam gmbar di atas. Lepas tu silakan gaul Dan makan. 

Lord, it's so deliciousssssss.